Interactive Geomatic

Object Oriented Language


Released in 2001, Noobeed is powerful software for Spatial Modeling, Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Digital Photogrammetry, Geographic Information System (GIS), Geodesy, and Surveying and Mapping.  Noobeed has more than 100 global functions, over 50 classes of geomatic related objects with more than  2,000 class functions, interactively driven by object oriented language and commands.  Noobeed is one of the most complete systems for geospatial applications.

Welcome to the world of Noobeed, the first ever Interactive Geomatic Object Oriented Language.




  • Noobeed is the most efficient interface in the most simple language
  • Noobeed has the beauty of object oriented language and is interactive
  • Noobeed is programmable and has user defined functions
  • Noobeed has comprehensive data type casting
  • Noobeed does not require declarations of variables
  • Noobeed is a headache-free installation software
  • ...more details including new features in version 1.11 (May 28, 2018)...


  • Download  Noobeed is shareware and run on Window platforms.



         Class and object  (see list of classes and class functions here)


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